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Please click on the link below to see the support we offer children with special educational needs and disabilites. Please do not hesitate to contact our SENDCo, Fiona Conley or Assistant SENDCo Eleanor Stoves, for further information or if you have any questions.

Accessibility Plan

SEND Information Report 2019 – 2020

SEND Policy 2019 -2020

Please visit : to view Northumberland SEND information

The staff and governors continue to ensure the importance of provision of Special Educational Needs across the whole curriculum.  Provision of SEN will be an integral part of each separate curriculum policy, through planning and providing for activities which are suitable to best reflect the individual pupil’s level of ability and interest, and ensuring that this is matched to national Curriculum Attainment Targets within appropriate levels. It is initially the responsibility of the class teacher, liaising with parents, to identify and register children whose academic, physical, social or emotional development is giving cause for concern.  Children’s areas of need which require extra attention are then identified. At first, action will normally be taken to meet the child’s needs within the normal range of differentiated classwork.  If further, more detailed ,help is required, an individual education plan will be drawn up to address problem areas more specifically. In the event that specialist advice is sought (educational psychologist, social services, specialist teacher etc) this will guide the formulation of a special education plan, which, again, will still be carried out within the normal school setting as far as possible. If professional advice is such that still further help is needed the child will be referred to the LEA for statutory assessment which may then lead to a statement setting out the child’s difficulties and the measures which must be taken to address them. While these are the formal stages which are followed, the principle of support and encouragement by school and parents and the identification of strengths as well as weaknesses are vitally important.  In their individual work plans children are set a small number of achievable goals, buildings on what they have already achieved, so that they experience success.  This is the most powerful stimulus of all.   Our local officer for SEN via the the LA is Dawn Glass – 01670 624657 

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