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Complaint Procedure

Complaint Procedure

The majority of complaints about the curriculum, and every day concerns, will be dealt with in informal discussion with parents and settled amicably, with the school staff and the Headteacher. In those few cases where the complainant still remains dissatisfied, the arrangements provide for the referral of most complaints to a small panel of Sub-Committee members of the Governing Body.

For complaints about religious education or collective worship, however, the procedures at the final stage are different and the referral of the complaint will be to a panel of members of the diocesan authorities.

Investigating and responding to complaints about schools is the responsibility of the governing body of each school.  St Mary’s complaint policy is available at the bottom of the page outlining the complaint process.

Make a complaint

Discuss your concern with the class teacher or member of staff concerned. Most concerns can be addressed at this stage.  If you are still unhappy, contact the school to arrange an appointment to discuss your concerns with the Headteacher (Mr Naughton)

If, after following the school’s own complaints procedure, the complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome, or if there were reasons why they could not use that procedure (e.g. through a conflict of interest) they can forward their complaint to the Department for Education using the new online school complaints form.