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Fr Warren Prayer Garden

Fr Warren Prayer Garden

In order to develop the faith life of the school, we have a beautiful Spiritual Prayer Garden that all children and adults are welcome to use when they would like time be calm and quiet. The area is also used for reflection and stories.

The garden is located within our Forest School environment and our children helped with deciding what kind of things they would like in it. There are lots of different things to look for which represents God’s wonderful world. The children are allowed to use the garden at lunch times when supervised as a choice when they would like some quiet time. We also hold Liturgies and collective worship timetabled across the year similar to the St Mary’s Prayer Garden which is extremely sheltered.

In June 2021, we officially named the space our ‘Fr Chris Prayer Garden’ in honour of our lovely Parish Priest who left to study in Rome after 10 successful years in the Parish. Fr Chris was a huge asset to our school and parish community in so many ways. We won’t forget his generosity and caring nature towards our parents, staff and children. The children sang songs, presented cards and finally unveiled our leaving gift to Fr Kelly. The Prayer Garden cross will stand a testament to all he has achieved in our parish and Fr Chris blessed the cross before he left.

To see what has been going on recently in our Prayer Garden take a look at our video and pictures below.