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Mission Team

Mission Team

Our school Mission Team is a Mission partnership team that is involved throughout our Heavenfield Partnership.
A group of pupils were selected to be part of the Mission Team prior to the Area Mission that includes Minnie Vinnies, Spiritual Councils. The Mission Team worked with staff in school and is supported by Mr Naughton and Ruth Hunneysett who helped the children to prepare for the Mission.

Mrs Hunneysett and the staff worked with the children weekly to help them understand what it means to be a good leader, help them to prepare liturgies independently, leading them in stillness and prayer, how to help others in our parish and overall preparing them for the Heavenfield Partnership Mission with other schools and parishes in our area. These children set a great example to other children and helped our school to become closer with our own and other parishes and schools.

The mission team has continued with the graduating mission team ‘training’ a new mission team at the beginning of each academic year. The mission team continue to be involved in preparing liturgies, leading others in stillness and prayer and helping others in the parish.